With the new year inching closer and closer I feel like I need to update you guys on what’s been going on with us these days.

Clearly I haven’t been focused on the blog, Instagram has always been the main focus of my “social” attention and I have a feeling it will continue to be at least until Ella is in school. She should be starting preschool next fall so I’m thinking I’m going to shift my attention back to blogging at that time. Plus Kai will be 2 then and hopefully less cray. I’ll continue to post whenever I can because I truly have so much to say.. I guess with 3 kids also comes a little bit of wisdom, ha.

But with that said, the last few months have been so good, and chaotic, and just overwhelmingly beautiful. Summer was so good to us. We absolutely love living in Colorado and taking in all this gorgeous nature. Kai and I took our first trip alone (to Chicago) where we met up with my friend Britney and her daughter. Not going to lie, it wasn’t fun traveling with him at that age and with his personality but we enjoyed the trip regardless.

Fall brought on Liam’s first year at school. Yep, we officially have a Kindergartener! He has been absolutely loving it, and get’s upset when he has snow days… he doesn’t get that from me, I loved snow days. Oh and he has had 3 girlfriends already. I’m not sure if he actually means girlfriends or girl-friends but, regardless, enjoy it now kiddo before all the drama starts.

Kai turned 1- which is still really hard to believe. He has so much personality and has been such a light in our lives. He started walking as soon as he turned 10 months but has been much later to talk than Liam and Ella. He definitely says plenty of words, he just isn’t a chatterbox like the other two were at his age. He’s also been doing this annoying screeching thing whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. They really do learn young how to get you to do what they want, eh? He’s still going strong with nursing… I’ve actually been hoping to wean him but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Oh and he’s still going strong with not sleeping through the night. Don’t worry though, I’ve become a master at living with no sleep.

Ella turned 4… she’s a freaking sass. I thought three’s were tough with her but the threenage years continue on. I’m actually having regular panic attacks thinking about what it will be like when she’s an actual TEENager. Someone make sure to send me lots of wine in 9 years or so. Put it in your calendars now please, I know I will need it. She’s also been wearing dresses daily- even when it’s snowing out. I remember my mom telling me that’s what I used to do when I was little- like literally refuse to wear pants. I guess she gets it from me then so I can’t really be mad. Sure, it’s 25 degrees out but you wear that tank dress. girl.

Oh- we also went to Mexico for almost 2 weeks! It was so very needed and literally the first time since before Kai was born that Jeremy and I could have some alone time. Aka dress up and go to dinner. We knew when we were planning this trip that there had to be a baby club that we could drop Kai off to and I’m so glad we planned it that way. Marriage is hard. Marriage with kids is harder. So having just a couple of hours to hang out and talk without kids whining and crying and a constantly requiring our attention was so important to us. I’m not going to lie, the trip wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Let’s face it… #threekids. They were outside of their normal routines, they had so much sun, they ate a bunch of sugar and things they normally don’t. So yeah, there was a lot of… and I mean, A LOT of….. whining, fighting, and tantrums galore… but I would definitely do it all over again. And we are already planning our next trip, hopefully for spring break!

So yeah, that’s the last few months in a nutshell.

Now we’re just preparing for the holidays and getting ready for an even bigger and better 2020! Hope to see you all there!